Maximize revenue by owning your data, your brand, and your customers with GoParrot, 

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Supercharge Your Business with GoParrot AI

GoParrot's proprietary AI automatically captures guests' preferences and ordering habits to create highly-specific customer segments. It's like having a team of data scientists in your kitchen!

GoParrot's mission is to create long-lasting relationships between restaurants and their customers.

Here's how we do it:


artificial intelligence

The development of computer systems able to perform complicated tasks commonly associated with intelligent human beings.


/ˌɑːr.t̬ə.fɪʃ.əl ɪnˈtel.ə.dʒəns/

Completely transform your online web and mobile experience with messaging to ease customer experience and encourage repeat orders. 

Web Ordering

Facilitate orders where your customers are already engaging with the most forward-thinking brands; through Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa and more. 

All without the need to develop an app!

Chat / Voice & Mobile Ordering

A decade ago, CRM just meant having a database of information. Today, GoParrot’s CRM enables restaurants to effortlessly build specific customer segments and surface actionable insights to better target the right people in the right way and at the exact right time...when they are hungry!


The GoParrot CRM captures the customer data and segments it. Our integrated Marketing & Loyalty suite allows you to create and then send both emails and SMS campaigns directly to your customers. GoParrot tracks the success of each campaign. 

Yeah, it's that simple!

Marketing & Loyalty

Bringing It All Together:

Your Data, Your Brand, Your Customers

GoParrot gives you access to rich data from the entire online customer journey, from search, to order records, to retargeting to analytics--allowing you deeper visibility into your data and an improved profit margin.

Smart Data Means Smart Marketing

GoParrot collects data about customer behavior and preferences and leverages our proprietary Artificial Intelligence to build individual food profiles. We are the only platform that allows you to truly learn about your customers, segment them accurately and automatically create personalized marketing campaigns all with a few clicks in the same platform.

Data & Ordering Ownership = Profit

GoParrot makes it easy to transition orders from 3rd Party sites to your own channels and time-consuming phone orders to online orders. The more orders and customers you own, the better you control your brand and the higher margins you earn.  And that’s the bottom line!

Promotions & Customized Discounts

GoParrot gathers nuanced preferences about your customers, automatically creating highly-developed customer segments. GoParrot leverages this data to track your best customers, as well as the ones that need some attention, and creates customized discounts and promotions to encourage repeat orders, thereby building loyalty and increasing revenue.

Increase Profits and Brand Loyalty

GoParrot increases profits by gathering in-depth customer data, facilitates repeat online orders and upselling.

It's the only ordering platform that plugs into to your existing POS and tech stack to aggregate all of your customer, promotions, and marketing data, providing a holistic understanding of your online pick-up and delivery business. 

GoParrot powers a simple, high-quality branded ordering experience through your restaurant’s direct online channels, allowing every restaurant to provide an elegant custom online ordering experience for a fraction of the cost. 

Increase Profits

Aggregate All Of Your Data

Beautifully Designed Online Channels

Take a look at our Facebook 

Messenger chatbot in action.

Direct Integration

GoParrot connects to leading POS systems and your existing tech stack to get up and running quickly.

Streamline Operations

Direct integration to your POS system means no manual data entry. GoParrot online orders print automatically in your kitchen, enhancing and improving order accuracy and speed. 

Business Intelligence Made Easy

Simple to use marketing and management dashboard. With GoParrot you own and easily maintain your customer data, giving you the competitive advantage to create, execute and track targeted marketing campaigns all from one place.

Your Systems, Your Team

We understand that operational efficiency is critical. GoParrot is committed to logical product design and integrations that make sense for your business to save you time and money. 

The GoParrot Advantage

Increase Repeat Orders

Increase repeat orders using targeted messaging and promotions

No Data Entry

Orders are sent directly to the POS and no manual data entry is required

Increase Avg. Spend

Increase avg. spend using personalized product suggestions and upsell promotions during the online ordering journey

Phone to Web Orders

Transition phone orders

to online orders

VIP Experience

Give every customer

a personalized, VIP experience 

Gather Customers Data

Gather data about your customers ordering habits and taste preferences

Here are just a few of the exceptional restaurants who's 

online ordering we are proud to power!


Learn how Westville has improved their takeout and delivery business using GoParrot.

Westville is a casual American restaurant with 6 locations in New York. With a bustling takeout, delivery and catering business, they were frustrated by paying large margins to third party companies and wanted to better understand their customers' habits and preferences to improve loyalty and drive business. 

They partnered with GoParrot to redesign their entire takeout and delivery experience from the operational dashboard to the front end mobile and web experience, creating a seamless platform for team members and guests alike. GoParrot drives repeat business by automatically segmenting customers into three distinct categories--regulars, repeat customers, and one-time visitors, creating personalized marketing campaigns for each. 

Westville has seen meaningful results including time saved for their team, incremental revenue and more ways to engage with customers than ever before. 

See GoParrot in Action

Order now on Facebook Messenger or the Westville website

"We are extremely impressed by the positive impact of GoParrot on increasing our takeout and delivery business. The revenue and profit impact since we started working with GoParrot is significant. The implementation process was fast, easy, and pretty much hands-off."

Yaniv Cohen Westville CEO

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GoParrot's mission is to create long lasting relationships between restaurants and their customers. Let us show you what we can do for your business.

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