Increase Restaurant Revenue and Brand Loyalty

  • Omnichannel Ordering
  • Deep Insights on Customers
  • Personalized Promotions

Phone to Web Orders 

Give every customer

a VIP experience 

Increase Repeat Orders

Increase repeat orders using targeted messaging and promotions

Gather Customers Data 

No Data Entry

Orders are sent directly to the POS and no manual data entry is required 

Transition phone orders

to online orders

Increase Avg. Spend

VIP Experience

Increase Avg. Spend using personalized product suggestions and upsell promotions 

Collect data about your customers ordering habits and taste preferences

"We are extremely impressed by the positive impact of GoParrot on increasing our takeout and delivery business. The revenue and profit impact since we started working with GoParrot is significant. The implementation process was fast, easy, and pretty much hands-off."

Yaniv Cohen Westville CEO

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