Online Ordering, Made Smart

GoParrot works with the most forward-thinking restaurant brands to build the future of food ordering, with best-in-class online ordering and an artificial intelligence marketing and loyalty platform.

GoParrot helps restaurant groups grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce 3rd-party marketplace fees by offering a world-class online ordering platform.

Best-in-Class Online Ordering for Restaurants

Intuitive Design


Beautiful and user-friendly design that is customized to the restaurant branding

Mobile-optimized, web, app, and Facebook Messenger ordering that integrates with the restaurant’s POS and tech stack

Intelligent Loyalty and Marketing Platform 

GoParrot’s loyalty and marketing Artificial Intelligence platform maximizes restaurant sales by gathering nuanced data on customer tastes and ordering preferences.

The platform then utilizes this data to automatically send personalized promotions and recommendations to customers.


find underserved segments 

GoParrot chooses personalized promotion/coupon

Automated emails, SMS, or chat sent to customers 

Analyze data 

and refine personalization 

GoParrot helps restaurant brands build long-lasting relationships with their customers. 

Here is why leading restaurants choose to work with us:

Grow online ordering revenue by more than 30% within 6 months

Reduce 3rd-party marketplace fees

Improve customer satisfaction for online orders

Own the customer data and relationship

Nabeel Alamgir Bareburger, CMO

"GoParrot is our favorite new partner due to their innovative product lineup of online ordering and integrated CRM marketing tools. GoParrot is the restaurant industry's long-awaited answer to the rising costs of 3rd party ordering apps."

Learn how Westville has improved their takeout and delivery business using GoParrot.

Here are just a few of the exceptional restaurants who's 

online ordering we are proud to power!

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GoParrot's mission is to create long lasting relationships between restaurants and their customers. Let us show you what we can do for your business.

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