Digital Ordering, Made Smart.

GoParrot leverages point of sale integrations, diversified delivery networks, and data-driven loyalty and marketing programs to provide a direct ordering solution for restaurant operators

GoParrot helps restaurant groups grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce 3rd-party marketplace fees by offering a world-class online ordering platform

Best-in-Class Digital Ordering for Restaurants

Intuitive Design


Beautiful, user-friendly design that is custom-built and fully branded for your restaurant

Mobile, web and app ordering optimized to serve your customers on every device

Intelligent Loyalty and Marketing Platform 

GoParrot helps you gather nuanced data on customer tastes and ordering preferences. The GoParrot platform automatically sends personalized promotions and recommendations to customers enabling restaurants to increase loyalty and maximize revenue.

Find underserved segments 

Create personalized promotions

Send automated emails and text messages

Analyze data 

and track ROI

GoParrot helps restaurant brands build customer relationships that last

Why restaurants choose GoParrot:

Grow revenue by more than 30%

Reduce 3rd-party fees

Improve customer satisfaction

Own your customer data

Oliver Kremer, Dos-Toros, Co-Founder

"We are thrilled to partner with GoParrot on DT Direct. We collaborated to build a truly compelling digital ordering experience that offers the same personalized interaction that our customers have come to expect in store, with a clean and intuitive UX.”

Learn how Westville has improved their takeout and delivery business using GoParrot.

GoParrot is proud to power digital ordering for JuicePress, Dos Toros, Westville, Doughnut Plant, Mr. Chicken and more!

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GoParrot's mission is to create lasting relationships between restaurants and their customers. Let us show you what we can do for your business.

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