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36 hours after Kentucky and Indiana had closed their dining rooms due to COVID-19, Azzip Pizza had shifted 75% of their revenue to digital ordering via GoParrot. We spoke to CEO Andy Niemierer about how the concept built a custom ordering solution that has processed more than 50,000 orders and counting since the onset of the pandemic.


Context & Problem

Azzip Pizza offers unique, highly customized pizzas made during collaborative face-to-face interactions with guests. They have 9 locations in Indiana and Kentucky and are growing quickly.

Enter COVID-19.

While doing business in person had served them well to this point, they realized they needed to make digital ordering the backbone of the company - and needed it fast.

Solution & Result

Azzip Pizza & Go Parrot got all locations onboarded in 36 hours! Their online menu mirrors the exact ordering process guests experienced in-store.


Online ordering jumped to 75% of system-wide revenue in the first week.


In April, Go Parrot saved Azzip over $120,000 in top-line revenue versus a 3rd party site like Grubhub or UberEats.


Niemeier believes that GoParrot will be essential post-Covid as guests come to expect the convenience of digital ordering and is relieved he now has access to thousands of guests he couldn’t reach previously. 

Azzip Pizza is now successfully competing with the likes of Dominoes & PizzaHut - and thriving, setting them up for continued growth and new locations after the pandemic.
Azzip Pizza woke up to an uncertain future as they closed their dine-in service and shifted to an entirely new model - with digital ordering as the centerpiece. 
They worked with GoParrot to create an intuitive ordering experience that mirrored what their in-store guests were used to. The custom ordering solution has seamlessly processed more than 50,000 orders and counting since COVID.


Our partnership with GoParrot has allowed us to retain 100% of our employees and keep all of our locations open during Covid. Through digital ordering we have actually strengthened our relationships with current customers as well as attracted new customers during this time!”

Andy Niemeier,

CEO of Azzip Pizza

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