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While Trader Joes and WholeFoods asked customers to wait 7-10 business days for their orders, JuicePress was churning out 350 orders a day on their all new digital store, JP Delivery Mart. We spoke with CEO Michael Karsch on how the company harnessed their partnership with GoParrot to create an auxiliary revenue stream and build a customer base that will preserve past the pandemic. 

Context & Problem


Juice Press is a food brand rooted in nutrition striving to make healthy food accessible through their 80+ locations ranging from the New York Tri State Area, to DC, to Seattle in the Northwest. 

They have a stellar reputation for quality ingredients and utilized commissary kitchens for big batch products.

Enter COVID-19.

Not only could Juice Press no longer serve dine-in clients in metropolitan areas, but they noticed that grocery stores were backed up and scheduling deliveries weeks in the future.

Solution & Result


In just a few days, Juice Press worked with GoParrot to pivot their kitchen, vendor relationships and warehouse space into JP Delivery Mart.

GoParrot also helped coordinate delivery routes, optimized picking and packing, and modified online menus, while core partner MarketMan kept track of back-of-house operations like inventory and management.

The associated press, word of mouth, and marketing strategy has boosted Juice Press’ active stores (that utilize GoParrot) as much as 30%!

JP Delivery Mart netted Juice Press $1.5 Million in April, 2020 by doing up to 350 grocery deliveries a day during COVID!

Juice Press’ email and SMS databases have grown significantly and after COVID they will have direct access to thousands of new guests. Their brand reputation and financial footing continues to rise and we’re confident JP Delivery Mart will exist long after COVID!
Juice Press saw the crisis unfolding and realized they had a unique opportunity and competitive advantage. They acted quickly mobilizing their technology stack to concept the JP Delivery Mart delivery service.
They consolidated resources, going all-in and creating the minimum viable product in just 24 hours, while bigger grocers were backed up for weeks.


“What's so exciting about working with GoParrot is that their entrepreneurial spirit equals ours. Their desire for us to be successful continues to be evident — and that has been both in terms of trying to help us, not only from an IT perspective, but also in terms of increasing customer satisfaction, improving on efficiency of execution, and working with us to implement AI-based marketing decisions.”

Michael Karsch,
CEO of Juice Press

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