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Partner Integrations 

We are proud to support integrations with some of the most renowned names in the restaurant tech industry
Uber Eats
+ and more
Hassle-free Backoffice


Hassle-Free Back Office

Deep bi-directional POS integration & self-service dashboard

Self-service Dashboard 

A full-featured multi-level dashboard to enable you and your store owners to easily control your orders

Update Only in One Place 

Our deep integration includes auto-sync on 86ed items and pricing changes as well as auto-sync on order status changes to notify customers just in time

Manage Your Online Menu Easily

Our deep integration enables 1-click full menu, category or item level pulls from the POS

Manage Delivery Orders The Way You Want

Multi-zone delivery enables in-house delivery, integrated with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats

Order throttling if things become hectic

Manage Load in Kitchen

Contact our team and choose solutions that fit best with your business
Image by Dan Gold
Direct Digital Ordering



Direct Digital Ordering

Attract the right audience to shop from your beautiful direct digital brand
Delight Your Guests
  • Showcase your true brand
    With fully customizable branding

  • Enjoy advanced menu experiences
    Build your own bowls, Pizza concepts and more

  • Order from any channel and device
    Web, App, mobile, desktop

  • Blur the lines and order from everywhere
    Online, in-store to table, delivery, pickup, curbside

  • Easy registration and fast reordering 
    Fast phone sign-up and 3-click reordering
& Even More
  • Personalized recommended 
    Make it personalized and upsell (recommended, top-selling, more to come)

  • Personalized experience 
    Print badges on tickets to know more about customer

  • True convenience 
    “I’m here” button for curbside ordering 

  • Be informed just in time
    Inform customers exactly when their order is ready 

  • Order ahead without hassles
    Order ahead items that are currently unavailable 


Engage With Guests

Make them buy in off peak times

Double points at off peak hours to get guests ordering

Beautiful multi-channel experience

Beautiful experience in web and mobile app

Frictionless in-store and online loyalty experience
Reward your loyal guests and bring them back

Deep integration enables totally frictionless experience

Image by Clay Banks



Digital Wallet

Your Own Digital Wallet

Standard payments: credit, Google & Apple pay and pay in advance with digital gift cards, subscription

Standard and Advanced Payment Options

  • Credit card and cash
    Of course!

  • Google and Apple Pay
    Convenience is key (Square only)

  • Scan to pay
    Become a wallet (Square only)

Become Your Own Bank!!

  • Gift cards
    Pay with gift cards in-store and online. Buy and reload digital gift cards*

  • Subscription service *
    Everyone enjoys paying in advance and getting convenience and perks



Be Smart With Data

Understand your guests behavior

Focus on the right top-grossing guests

Understand your menu effectiveness

Monitor popular and not selling items and reorganize your menu accordingly

Compare between your stores

One time campaigns for informing guests

Plan wisely your inventory

Understand what you need to buy for planned orders


“What's so exciting about working with GoParrot is that their entrepreneurial spirit equals ours. Their desire for us to be successful continues to be evident — and that has been both in terms of trying to help us, not only from an IT perspective, but also in terms of increasing customer satisfaction, improving on efficiency of execution, and working with us to implement AI-based marketing decisions.”

Michael Karsch,
CEO of Juice Press

На кассе

Partner With GoParrot

Book a demo and learn how brands use GoParrot to make a difference both, online and in-store!
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